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What is Google Drive used for?

Google Drive is a file storage and online office suite that provides you most useful features like they give you tools like word processor, spreadsheet program and presentation tool. Google Drive is a bundle of many features it allows you to store your data online with full security by one of the prominent and secure server Google. You can store your data online with 5 GB free storage memory.

Google drive has Google Docs tool which is one of the most useable online word processor that is controlled by Google drive office software suits. You can edit, share and save your data online as well as interact with customers very easily it is easy to use and understandable. There are many office suits available online that is not only sophisticated to use even they charge if you want to use. Get support for Google my business on Google My Business Support Number. Google drive gives you bundle of features that’s why millions are attracted by Google drive and other features that are unmatched by office.

There are lots of features you can get in Google drive some are listed below:

You can work on same document in real time

Collaboration features that let users work on the same document in real time

It provides features like you can reviews the history of document and revert to earlier version

Ability to store files offline that can sync with multiple computers.

Share anything like photo, video, data files etc.

You can use Offline file storage that can be synced to multiple computers.

How to Work on Google drive? Get Google Drive Customer Service Help for any Google Drive problem

Google drive is a safest place to store files but question is how to use Google drive here is the shortest steps to Login in to Google drive account:

Step1. Open

Step 2. Click on Go to Google Drive

Step3. Enter your Gmail account email id

Note: If you don’t have Gmail id or you haven’t created yet before Click Here to Create New Gmail ID

Click Here

Step4. You are in Google Drive home page

That’s all, now you can create you’re your Document on Click Create New option

How to Upload File and Folders to Google Drive?

You can upload Documents, images, videos, audio and many more at one place

To upload on Files in Google drive open

Click on new document or + button on your phone or tablet

Click on upload

Browse your file and folders

Select your image and you will see your file start uploading wait for some times you will find your file in folder; you can use Google docs, Google sheets, and Google slides over there also.

Remember if you want to store it on some specific Folder Click on Folder icon enter your document name and follow same process. If you facing any trouble with Google Drive account Call Google Drive Customer Service Number to take you out from Google drive problem

Resolve Google Drive account Problem and Speak with Google Drive Customer Service Help Number

Google drive not uploading my image

Google drive sheets lost

Google drive slow to load

Unable to find my uploaded image

Google drive not working in mac

Google drive not working in Windows

Unable to recover my lost photos etc.

Here is your Google Drive customer service complete customer service information you can avail on Google Tech Help Numbers the prominent Google drive support agent to resolve your problem and help you to guide with your Google drive account issues. If you have any major issues and you get worried about you no need to be panic Experts of Google drive are ready to help you in manners of any Google drive related problem. Some users often don’t know how to fix but here Google engineers will work with you to resolve your problem on 24 hours toll free support phone number.

Google Drive Customer Service Details with Phone Number

Visit Google drive help centerDescribe your issues and they will assist you with your problem there is no direct way to contact Google Support team you have to go through official website

Google Drive Help Forums!forum/drive

If you want to talk with Live Customer Service agent just use Google Suits

It’s a paid customer service you have to activate G-suits subscription

Find Live Google Drive Customer Service Specialist

Here is the information which helps you to talk with Live Google Drive Customer Service Agent

ADDRESS:            United States

Google Drive Customer Service Phone Number: 1-877-203-7848



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