Verify business on Google my Business with easy steps

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Verify business on Google my Business with easy steps

Verify business on Google my Business with easy steps

Follow the steps to verify your business on Google my business

Step1. Sign in to your Google my Business account.

Step2. Choose the address where you receive the postcard. The adress should be your own  business address cause in many cases like for vaction rental house, you won't get   post card. So, in that case you have to   verify your home address to list your business over the Google.

Step3. Once you receive the post card then without any delay you should click on verify location from the menu and put the code from the postcard.

Verification by Cell phone:

Step1. Download the Google my business application.

Step2. Then you will have to sign in.

Step3. Provide the basic information about your business.

Step4. Enter your phone number.

Step5. Then you will get an option to call me now.

Step6. You will get an automated phone call from the Google.

Step7. Enter the code from the massage and tap the arrow icon.

Verify your Business with Google My Business Support Specialist by Phone

Google business is one of the crucial parts to show business on Google we understand how beneficial Google verification process is for you. We often seen some Google my business users get stuck with the medium of verification they don’t know how to verify business online for that they start worrying. If you failed to verify business on Google we are here to help you your all Google my business problem will resolve under one roof what you need to do is just call Google my Business support phone number and verify your business with prominent Google business advisor.

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